Requested documentation

1. A copy of your identity card or passport and driving licence.

2. Several photos of yourself. It is your introduction to the family so it is important you choose them carefully.It is more valuable if children appear also in the picture. If you do not have any with children, it is also appreciated if there are friends or family around. For example if you are participating in a family party or taking part in a sport activity.

3. A Health report. It is a certificate written by your family doctor to guarantee your good health.

4. Two Letters with referencces about children’s care. These letters can be written by families whose children you have been taken care of or by the master of the school or university you have studied at. The letters can be written in your language but it would be better if you translated them in the language of the country you choose.

5. School Certificates. You can also attach the official certificate of your last studies and also certificatesof courses that you consider significant, the university report, a language course or a free time monitor course.

6. A police certificate/ report- it is a certificate given by the police office of your town that verifies that you do not have any criminal record.

7. A letter writen by yourself to the family, in the language of the country you have chosen, explaining your reasons to work as Au pair , your personality, something about your family, if you have brothers, your hobbies and your experience in child care, etc… Feel free to explain anything about yourself that you think the family would be interested in, state your values and your abilities positively.If you have any doubt about these documents and how to transfer them, Best Aupair Barcelona will solve them by mail or on the phone. Once you have all your documents ready, send them by mail, post or in case you live close, bring them personally to our office.