What does it mean to be an Au pair?

An Au pair is a young person (between 18 and 30 years old) hosted by a family for whom she will help in the care of children as an older brother or sister and do some light house work. In return the family offers accomodation,  food and some pocket money (between 50-70 € per week ) depending on the number of hours worked and with a timetable that will allow the Au pair to have some free time for personal enjoyment. It will be an unforgetable experience that will give you the opportunity to explore a  new culture and improve a language. It will also make you discover the country you choose and share your experiences with other Au pairs. We will find you a family in the country you want and you won´t have to worry about the bureaucracy, our Agency will be in charge of everything. There is no doubt that after this experience  your cultural understanding will grow and you will have more resources for your personal and working life. Your emotional maturity and experience  is very important and it  will become a valuable asset on the job market. To adapt yourself to a new family, their timetables, routines and their way of life and to a new community will require  you to be open-minded and have patience and a willingness to fit in. This in turn will give you new confidence in yourself and be a great benefit later in life in a working enviroment. An Au pair is not a “domestic help” but a person with a good level of studies and education which equip her for her future at a particular moment of her life when she has the aim of improving her knowledge of a language and  enjoying the experience of living in a foreign country. An Au pair has a timetable with time dedicated to children ( pick them up from school, play time, bath and dinner time…) and several house help tasks ( tidy the children´s room, iron their clothes, prepare a snack or collaborate in any activity of this type required by the family). The total daily hours will  be up to 5 from Monday to Friday. The rest of  the time and weekends will be free for the Au pair. The number of hours will change depending on the condition of the Au pair and the needs of the family, and they can be between 20 and 35 per week. BAB (BEST AU PAIR BARCELONA)  has a recruitment process in which the candidate will have to answer  a questionnaire according to the needs of the family. A  police report, passport and visa (in the case of not belonging to European Union countries). You can find all the documents required in the file “Required documents”. The  “return”  ticket will be paid by the Au pair, as well as their personal expenses.