We believe our fees offer excellent value and reflect our dedication to finding Au Pairs individually suited to the requirement of each family.
We follow up your registration with a telephone consulation to discuss your requirements and assist with any queries.
Our search is activated with a non refundable £50 deposit.  This deposit is deducted from the final placement fee.

All placements (other than summer placements) include a 30 day replacement guarentee (limited to 2 placements)

Costs Basic fee Basic fee (driver)
Summer Au Pair
(July -September)
£160 £160
Short term Au Pair
(up to 3 months 90 days)
£250 £300
Long term Au Pair
(over 3 months)
£250 £350
Long term Au Pair
(specialist, fluent English
more skill and experience
inc. mothers help or
(over 3 months)
£300 £375

As soon as your candidate is confirmed the placement fee is payable by way of bank transfer.
Late fees are subject to a £40 penalty after the first reminder.

Replacements and Refunds
 The fee relates to the search and introduction of the Au Pair by the agency.  It does not relate to the actual length of stay.
If a placement terminateswithin 6 WEEKS of the commencemnet date due to
a) The client terminating the agreement   on grounds which the agency considers just and reasonable and proportionate in the circumstances.
b)  The Au Pair terminates the agreement on grounds which the agency considers, just, reasonable and proportionate in the circumstances.
In such cases the client shall be entitled to ONE replacement free of charge.
The client shall provide written notice of termination to the agency and  shall contain reasons for the said termination.  The notification shall be  within 6 WEEKS of the commencement date.
The client  shall not be entitled to a free replacement if the client breaches the agreement.
Discounts and Incentives:
We offer each returning host family £50 off  the fee
For each confiirmed new host family, you will receive a £50 discount from your fee next time you use our agency.

Any additional administration requested by the client will incur a charge quoted on an individual basis