Residence abroad

If you are not interested in working as a Nannie or an Au pair and you would like to spend a period of time abroad from 1 month to a year, our Agency offers you the possibility to live with a host family in the country of your choice. You must remember it is not a hotel and you will have to respect the family rules and timetables and reach an agreement with them. We are also responsible for finding  you an official Language school in which you can follow a  language course  according to your level. So you can practice the speaking skills in real situations and also in an academical context. The combination of both will  allow you to have  proficiency in the language you  want to succeed in.. If you are not interested in a Language School you also can apply for  work in the neighbourhood of your residence. We can also  help you to find the one most suited  to your possibilities, education and experience. And if you are like the combination : learning and enjoying,  we can find you activities related to your interests like Theater, Painting, Writing, Economy, Fashion, Design, Sports… A good choice to practice the language in a simple and natural enviroment.