Letter to the Au pairs

Dear  Au pairs:

We are an agency  that caters for placing young people ( ages from 18 to 28) who would like to live an experience in Spain or any other country you choose in host families with whom you can share some time that will be an unforgetable period of your life, and at the same time you can improve your knowledge of a language.

Counting on a family will be for you a very important emotional support, and it will reduce considerably the expenses of living abroad: food and hosting. You will also have some pocket money between 75 to 100 € to spend on yourself: transport, going out and any extras. Knowledge of your chosen foreign language will grow in your daily family activities and you will also have free time ( before or after your daily duties) and weekends to go out and/or take part in activities of your own interest : lessons, theatre, sport… Once you have your residence assigned, we will prepare a file with the activities available in your area, depending on your hobbies, interests or demands.

We can also contact other Au pairs in your area, if you  wish. We believe that an experience like this is very useful not only for improving the language  but for developing your cultural background and social abilities because the creation of new connections with foreign people improves your social life, so important in the job market as in the proficiency of languages. If you don´t feel comfortable with the host family, we will be available to listen to you and solve your problem. But if for any particular reason, we consider it is necessary a change of family, we  will dedicate our service to find you another family. For all these reasons you can trust Best Au pair Barcelona and we in return will help you to have an experience that in many countries is a common practice for young people before starting their professional career or university degree.

Warm greetings,

Aránzazu Vicente Rincón
Coordinator of the Au Pair Programme.