Baby Sitters

If you live in Barcelona or metropolitan area and you are interested in working as a babysitter, the following information will be useful:

Conditions to be a Babysitter

  1. Age between 18 – 35 years old and be a responsible person.
  2. Have intermediate or high knowledge of another language apart from Spanish and/or Catalan. Among them: English, German, French, Italian, Chinese…
  3. Have average studies (high school or in progress) or higher (university degree in progress or finished).
  4. Have experience with children and willingness to deal with them.
  5. Being willing to play, help with homework, tell stories, give them a snack, lunch and/or dinner, help with the baths, pick them up from school or take them -if necessary- always speaking with them the language chosen by the family.
  6. Being kind and very correct in dealing with children and family.
  7. Be punctual and always arrive discreetly in advance of the agreed time.
  8. Follow the rules and instructions recommended by our agency in the dossier that will be delivered to you personally a few days before carrying out your tasks.
  9. Pre-fill in the free registration form that you will find in the following section.

Documentation requested for Babysitters

  1. A passport photo and several current photos. It is your first presentation to the family so it is important that you choose them carefully. It is more valued that you appear with children. If you don’t have any photos with children, you can choose some with family or friends, at a party or family gathering or doing some sporting activity. If possible, it is recommended to make a small collage on 4-digit with several photos in different situations, but it is more advisable to attach some photos with the children you have taken care of on some occasion: cousins, neighbors, etc.
  2. Two letters of recommendation or child care references. These letters can be made by families for whom you have cared for children or by the work center where you have carried out your work and/or the center where you have completed your studies, etc. The letters can be in English.
  3. Photocopy of the certificate of studies completed. You can attach the last official training completed, as well as certificates of courses that you consider may be significant, university enrollment, some language course, instructor, etc.
  4. Photocopy of identity card or passport and driver’s license (if you have it).