Au pairs

What does it mean to be an AU PAIR?

An Au-pair is a person who travels from a foreign country to a country other than their own to help a family with childcare. Au pairs are usually young women between the ages of 18 and 30. The host family offers accommodation, board and a weekly salary with a schedule that allows free time to enjoy other activities.

Being an Au pair is a unique experience that will allow you to get to know a new culture and reinforce a language, in addition to discovering the country of your choice and sharing your experiences with other Au Pairs. Our agency will help you find a family in the country you would like to discover:  Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, China, Australia, USA and Canada among others..

Emotional intelligence is very important and is beginning to be valued as a priority in the labor market. Adapting to a new family, its schedules and its way of life, as well as to a new community, will require that you put it into practice and favor its development. There is no doubt that after an experience of this type, you will acquire more resources for your personal and work life.

An Au-pair is not a domestic worker but a person with a level of training who bets on her future at a certain moment in her life with the aim of improving her knowledge of a language and enjoying the experience of living in a foreign country.

An Au-pair has a schedule that includes the time dedicated to caring for the children and a series of tasks assigned from Monday to Friday. The weekends and the rest of the time will be for leisure or dedication to classes or hobbies for the Au-pair.

A selection process will be carried out in which the candidate will have to answer a series of questions appropriate to the interests of the families. A series of documents and a visa will be required for the European Union in the case of not belonging to a country that is part of it.

The Au Pair’s contract will make the stay legal. It has to be signed and discussed by the host family as well as the Au Pair before the exchange.

The Au Pair also needs insurance which must be taken out before the program starts. The Au Pair’s health insurance and contract will provide a safe and legal stay. To help our users, we have put together important information on these topics.

Why choose an agency?

We offer seriousness, commitment and individualized attention; in addition to an exhaustive selection of the family that best suits your profile. They are selected families controlled by the agency that will meet your expectations.

Necessary documents:

  1. Certificate of criminal or good conduct.
    It is processed at the offices of the Ministry of Justice in your city or at the offices of the Local Police.
  2. Several current photos.
    It is your first presentation to the family so it is important that you choose them well.
  3. Medical certificate in which your good health is guaranteed.
    Go to your GP and request a report on your state of health. It does not need to be the official model.
  4. Two letters of recommendation or references regarding child care. These letters can be made by families for whom you have cared for children or by the center where you have studied. The original letters can be in Spanish but it is also necessary to present the translation in the language of the requested country.
  5. Cover letter, in the language of the chosen country in which you are applying, explain the reasons why you want to work as an Au pair, your personality, a summary about your family, character, hobbies, skills and experience in childcare.
  6. Photocopy of passport and driver’s license (if you have one).
    Once you have all the documentation prepared, you can send it scanned by mail in the same email.

The Au Pair agreement

Although the host country does not officially recognize the Au Pair program, it is important that both the host family and the Au Pair sign an agreement.
You can see a model of the Au Pair contract on our website that includes all the relevant details:

• Duties of the Au Pair during the stay
• Hours of work (no more than 30 per week)
• Length of stay (maximum 12 months)
• Time off and right to vacation
• Pocket money for the au pair
• International insurance

The host family and the agency have to discuss the agreement before the stay begins. Along with the insurance statement, the contract will be mandatory for the visa application. Therefore, the Au Pair must receive the original version of it, signed by the Host Family and present it at the embassy.