Au Pair Terms and Conditions

Au Pair Terms and Conditions:

“THE AGENCY” refers to Best Au Pair Barcelona (“BAB”).

“THE CLIENT” refers to the person who contracts the services of The Agency to act as an intermediary with a family that offers them an au pair job in the requested country.

  1. These terms are established to regulate the agreements established between the client and Best Au Pair Barcelona (“BAB”) through the completion of the Au pair Form.
  2. Best Au Pair Barcelona (“BAB”) acts as a family selection agent and is not included in the contract established between the au pair/client and the family.
  3. The Client confirms that all the information provided to Best Au Pair Barcelona (“BAB”) is true, correct and complete. Through the data provided, the client consents to its being sent to the different families that request au pairs in accordance with the Privacy Policy and Rights of Use that appear in the corresponding section of our website.
  4. Best Au Pair Barcelona (“BAB”) will activate the client’s profile upon receipt of the deposit payment. The agency provides the au pair candidate forms to the families.
  5. The client will be able to interview one or more of the proposed families. An interview will be held via skype in which the au pair (client) can meet with the family.
  6. The rest of the payment for the au pair program will be made once the client confirms one of the families.
  7. Best Au Pair Barcelona (“BAB”) will send an email to the client in which the final payment invoice will be attached.
  8. Our invoices include a 30-day guarantee, not included in the case of summer au pairs.
  9. In the event that a candidate decides to leave during the guarantee period, for personal reasons or incompatibility, the client must immediately notify Best Au Pair Barcelona (“BAB”).
  10. The agency cannot guarantee immediate replacement by a suitable family, but it can consider priority with respect to new clients.
  11. If the replacement of the family is not carried out within 65 days, a deposit of €100 is returned. No bond will be paid in the event the client decides they are not interested in a replacement family.
  12. Regarding the previous point, only the reasons will be taken into account, verified by the agency in the event that the au pair has complaints about the treatment received by the family. The final decision in this regard will be made by the Best Au Pair Barcelona Agency.
  13. Once the guarantee period expires, it is agreed that the agreement between both parties: Au pair / Client and Family is satisfactory and that the agency will be released from its obligations.
  14. If the family decides to cancel the contract after having accepted it, the agency will find a new family for the au pair for a period of 65 days. If the client/au pair decides to cancel the contract after 30 days of being accepted, the au pair will have to pay for the service again.
  15. Best Au Pair Barcelona (“BAB”) acts as a recruitment agent and does not employ the au pairs. All efforts made by Best Au Pair Barcelona (“BAB”) are aimed at presenting the right candidate families to the Client for the job required. It is the Client’s responsibility to check references to ensure suitability for the family and place of residence.
  16. Best Au Pair Barcelona (“BAB”) does not accept responsibility for loss or damage caused by the family and the agency recommends both the au pair and the client to cover such cases through an insurance company.
  17. The Agency is not responsible in the case of negligence or breach of contract or payment by the family.
  18. The deposit payment is not refundable.
  19. The Client must ensure in advance that he has the solvency to pay for the services of the agency and the trip and other expenses derived from it to the corresponding country.
  20. These terms are adapted to the Spanish legal system and their non-compliance may lead to legal proceedings.

The Client has to accept the following rules:

  • Time to allow the au pair/family (1 month) to adapt to the family/au pair, being a worker for them and complying with their rules.
  • Clarify what the Family expects the au pair’s tasks to be.
  • Keep your room and common rooms clean and tidy.
  • Appropriate and resolute behavior with the family, in addition to the understanding that because they are different cultures there may be elements of disparity and disagreement.
  • Notice with a minimum of 2 weeks in advance to end the contract.

If an au pair fails to fulfill its obligations, the family has the right to terminate the contract.

We trust that au pairs will respect the recommendations that appear in the tutorial on our website “What does it mean to be an au pair?”.