Welcome to Best Au pair Barcelona

Best Au pair Barcelona is an agency that assists families requesting Aupair/Babysitting/Nannie services in English or other

It also meets the demand of Spanish or foreign students who offer their services as Au pairs..

We offer a reliable service since 2009.



Being an Au pair is a unique experience that will allow you to get to know a new culture and reinforce a language. In addition to discovering the country of your choice and sharing your experiences with other Au Pairs. There is no doubt that after an experience of this type, your general knowledge will increase and you will acquire more resources for your personal and work life.



In addition to socializing the whole family with a new member who will undoubtedly enrich the family environment by making everyone participate in their experiences and culture. With this, we also teach our children a very important aspect of their education: creating links with people from other cultures.



A preliminary selection process will be carried out in which the candidate will have to answer a series of questions appropriate to the interests of the families. A criminal record certificate, passport in order and visa for the European Union will be required in the case of not belonging to a country that is part of it.



``When we were raised with the possibility that our son Nacho could learn English as a baby, we had doubts and we looked for an agency that accomplish our expectations``- Jordi Amat. Father of two children, 3 and 5 years old
”Best au pair Barcelona has provided us with selected native candidates with experience in babysitting and excellent references”- Clara Font. Mom of an 8 month old baby, Barcelona
“The experience in England has been wonderful and the truth is that I can't get used to the idea of having to return to Barcelona. They will probably come to visit me in October and that way they will take the opportunity to visit Barcelona, I am also determined to visit them next year”- Gemma Perez Au pair, 22 years old
“We have decided to hire this service because of the importance of English for children. Through your agency, everything had been easy and fast``- Nadia Sanz. Mom of 2 10 year old twins
“I feel very proud that a year ago I made the decision to be an au pair since it has been the best experience in recent years. I have been able to improve my English and now I can have a fluent conversation in this language”- Christian Lopez- Au pair, 22 years old
“I would like to continue with the Au Pair program for next summer and be able to repeat the experience again, but perhaps in Italy to learn a little more about a different language and culture”.- Sophia Tomás. Au pair, 26 years old