Trustworthy candidates

Thanks to our knowledge of the sector, our know-how and our working methods, we select and place competent au pairs/nannies and babysitters. Our ability to adapt, our accompaniment and our commitment to offer a quality service allow us to meet the expectations and demands of our families.

Candidates must have the appropriate experience according to the needs of each family and also be completely trustworthy and have the ability to adapt themselve. Languages are important for most of our clients, so the level will be previously evaluated in a personalized interview.

Our candidate recruitment system consists of several processes and security filters managed by the Best Au pair Barcelona team made up of professionals in various fields such as languages, psychology, teaching and human resources.

The requirements demanded of our candidates can be found at:

Au pairs
Baby Sitters

Evaluation process

The evaluation process consists of several steps:

  1. Interview in which we evaluate the profile of the candidates.
  2. Security Filter: rigorous check of references.
  3. Evaluation of their abilities for this we pass a knowledge questionnaire, in which we contrast their experience.
  4. Childcare skills. Best Au pair Barcelona will evaluate if the candidate is suitable for each case.
  5. The client receives by mail before the interviews, the personal files of each candidate in PDF format for a first evaluation, where they will have at their disposal:
    – Complete personal data
    – Copy of all your identity documents, driver’s license and qualifications, if any.
    – Photos of the candidate and cover letter. We comply with data protection regulations, and we have the written authorization of the candidates to be able to offer their personal data and photography to potential employers.
    – We advise them with market salaries, reviewing in each case the recommended salary.

Necessary documents

  1. Certificate of criminal or good conduct.
    It is processed at the offices of the Ministry of Justice in your city or at the offices of the Local Police.
  2. Several current photos. It is your first presentation to the family so it is important that you choose them well.
  3. Medical certificate in which your good health is guaranteed. Go to your GP and request a report on your state of health. It does not need to be the official model.
  4. Two letters of recommendation or references regarding child care. These letters can be made by families for whom you have cared for children or by the center where you have studied. The original letters can be in Spanish but it is also necessary to present the translation in the language of the requested country.
  5. Cover letter, in the language of the chosen country in which you are applying, explain the reasons why you want to work as an Au pair, your personality, a summary about your family, character, hobbies, skills and experience in childcare.
  6. Photocopy of the passport and driver’s license (if you have one). Once you have all the documentation ready, you can send it scanned by mail in the same mail.
  7. Vaccination certificate