What does it mean to be a Nanny?

A Nannie is a responsible person with training in Infant or Primary Education, Pedagogy or specific First Aid courses and extensive experience in childcare. Nannie’s job can be full or part time depending on the needs of the family that requires her services. A Nannie can have different nationalities: Spanish, English, German, French, Chinese… The choice will depend on the language requested by the family.

The work of a Nannie transcends the educational field and the psychological and intellectual stimulation of children through games and interactive activities.

A Nannie’s salary depends on her qualifications and the number of hours of work required. Our Nannies are selected through an exhaustive process in which, in addition to providing details in the questionnaires carried out and the documentation to be presented, they have to pass the requirements of a personal interview.

Documents required:

  1. Certificate of criminal or good conduct.
    It is processed at the offices of the Ministry of Justice in your city or at the offices of the Local Police.
  2. Several current photos.
    It is your first presentation to the family so it is important that you choose them well.
  3. Medical certificate in which your good health is guaranteed.
    Go to your GP and request a report on your state of health. It does not need to be the official model.
  4. Two letters of recommendation or childcare references.
    These letters can be made by families for whom you have cared for children or by the center where you have studied. The original letters can be in Spanish but it is also necessary to present the translation in the language of the requested country.
  5. Presentation letter, in the language of the chosen country in which you are applying, explain the reasons why you want to work as an Au pair, your personality, a summary about your family, character, hobbies, skills and experience in childcare.
  6. Photocopy of passport and driver’s license (if you have one).
    Once you have all the documentation prepared, you can send it scanned by mail in the same email.
  7. Vaccination certificate.