Cohabitation conditions

  1. Respect the privacy of your Au pair in her room and the number of hours agreed to undertake domestic tasks.
  2. Feed the Au pair fully: breakfast, lunch and dinner
  3. Respect the Rights of the Au pair.
  4. Pay the pocket Money agreed to on time at the end of the week.
  5. Respect her free time and the periods of rest accorded to
  6. Integrate her/him as a member of the family and not as domestic help. Show your confidence in her so the children can see this and respect her wishes.
  7. Communicate the instructions clearly about the tasks to do. If it is necessary at the beginning it is important to write them on a note.
  8. Contact the agency in case there is any situation or problem that  you can not speak directly with the Au pair about.

In case after 15 days the problem  is not solved and the contract of the Au pair must be rescinded, the agency will find you another Au pair in a reasonable period of time. In the period of 15 days I will have to complete my duties as a host family with the Au pair and she will have to with hers. The transfer includes a substitution during the school term. In summer term the agency will try to find a substitution most similar to the profile asked by the family but without guaranteeing this service and depending on availability. You must exclude freely to the agency from all responsibility of any decision, action, omission or our behaving done by the Au pair during the period of the contact currency. You must renounce to claim by these Concepts or other similar ones to the responsables of the Agency Best Au pair to pay any compensation.